30 September 2010

Amigurumi for Sale....!!

kakak nak kawin, dia mintak 10 amigurumi untuk bagi kat kawan-kawan dia-yg special la sket...

ni antaranya..

yang lain tak ingat nak amik gambar...! =p sori ye..

** my sister is about to get married. she asked 10 amigurumis to give to some special friends-for door gift. but i only have this one pictures. i forgot to snap the rest..! haha


  1. amigurumis tu ape ye? hehe. tapi lawa... :D

    salam drpd sydney,
    izulmam :)

  2. amigurumi tu crocheted dolls - in a simple language. it can be anything. masa mula mula i crocheted dolls, i thought only living things are amigurumi. later, i found out that anything could become amigurumi.. for instance masa krismas, i blogwalking and found Christmas tree, gift boxes and jolly sticks as amigurumi.

    if you go to ETSY.com, and search for amigurumi, u'll see all kind of those cute2 little things.. =)