05 December 2011

Benang dari Jerman

Getting buzier (is there such a word?) ;p I'm in the end of semester so have some tests to finish and this time they are coupled with some orders to do. I'm gonna postpone orders a little bit. Please be patient with me ok?

6th Dec 2011 - fiqh zakat
8th Dec 2011 - siyasah syar'iah
13th Dec 2011 - maqasid syariah
15th Dec 2011 - islamic banking and takaful

So it's like tuesday thursday test and test. This is the waiting list;

M.teh - baby skirt
Syarfa - baby set
K.aisyah - baby hat and booty
Farid - Amigurumi

Its not like a very very very long list anyway but as a student it's quite an "Ouch" to find time and make those. Wish me luck..!

ooo yeah. My lovely husband-to-be has just arrived from Germany yesterday. and he brought me a little something! tadaaa
the colors are just wonderful!

these are the colors but all in all I have 14 of them. love them all

difference between local yarn and imported one
Thanks honey! Love them all.

I'm yet to decide what to do with them. Thinking of doing something I'll be always use like cardigan. I just hope that I have enough of them. Tak sabarnya nak kait guna benang-benang ni...!


  1. Cantik! Simpan utk baby nanti. Nnti bila baby dh besar bleh ckp, "Benang baju yg Boy/Girl pakai ni ayah yg belikan untuk ibu dulu2 masa pi German..." Haha ;D

  2. hehe.. lamanya nak simpan utk baby... tp kan angah kata dia nak baby pggl mama papa... hish